Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are almost essential now in the time of Covid when even going for a simple walk you want to be sure you have your hand sanitzer, extra mask, cell phone and wallet but also  want to feel free. I like to wear them on the front as seen but have yet to come up with a name for a front fanny pack... suggestions are welcome. 

Couple of highlights of my fanny packs. Construction seems very sturdy and while I have only beta tested one model so far it has felt rugged and worked well in freezing conditions. 

Sizing on the fanny packs refers to the circumference of the pack and waist belt and is specified with each model. Basically if you are between sizes it is recommended to order down a size. If you expect to be wearing it over bulky ski parka consider accordingly. 

The components of these packs are sourced in China but the fabric is printed and stitched in the U.S. Orders at this point are taking about 10 days to fulfill and then ship USPS.  Enjoy and check back. More styles out soon. 

C.K. H. 

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