Altered Houses & Hens: Recent Original Paintings


The images on this page were from 2015-16. Most originals are no longer available but were the beginnings of my explorations with chickens. 

       A painter is rarely sure of where their images come from, but I am quite certain that my " Altered Houses" found their origin in an art lesson I taught based on the concept of " altered books".  That was the beginning of a visual journey that I have been on for the past 18 years.  I have continued to be fascinated how one image can be transformed and transported to different locals just by the play of pigments and light.


      My altered houses and altered chickens were all created using images that I find in magazines, greeting cards, or from photos I have taken my self. I have copied the images, pasted them on a tinted wooden board, altered the images,  created a setting around them  and incorporated them into entirely new works of art. In the case of the of the houses I see the paintings as a kind of painterly reconstruction, in the case of the chickens, its pure play and whimsy. 


     My landscapes and seascapes are entirely made up; I attempt to create a painterly world that 'feels right', even if not 'real'.  I often think of what Picasso said, " Art is a lie that tells a truth"; I feel it gives me license to create my own little painted truths. 


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