Hello, welcome to my website,  cottagebythec.com.  I chose that name a number of years ago because at that time nearly all my paintings had a small house or cottage in them.  Since then while my work has evolved, the name has stuck and I now paint in a ' cottage studio' , similar to the ones in my paintings. 


I have been working with paint and making paintings of one form or another for the past 44 years.  While originally ' from away' - Connecticut in fact- I have been living, working and painting in Maine for over 40 years.  I attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and graduated from Bowdoin College with an A. B. in Creative Visual Arts.  I have had various  ' day jobs' from working in an art gallery, to being a visual merchandiser, and running a museum gift shop, but I have finally , in the past 20 years found my calling as an elementary school art teacher.

 In 1997 I founded and directed the Bowdoin Summer Art Camp. While I am not longer involved with the BSAC  it is still running strong, and I am very proud of having started it.    I went on to become certified as a  public school art teacher, with a focus and passion for working with young elementary children.  I have taught art  at the Center for Teaching and Learning in Edgecomb, at Morse Street School ( K -2) in Freeport, at Pownal Elementary, and since Fall of 2015 I became the art teacher at the Yarmouth Elementary School,  a  public 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade school  in Yarmouth, Maine.  In teaching art to young children I have found my true balance between making my own art and empowering young children to see, create and find their own visual voice as well. 


For those curious about the signing of my art work as C. K. Higgison.  I am of Armenian descent, and my full name is Chaké Kavookjian Higgison. While I am proud of my heritage, its an intimidating name to try fit on my small paintings and even harder to pronounce when seen for the first time, thus I use "C.K." for my signature abbreviation.

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